Reflections on the Start of my Auto-Immune Protocol

Sooo I know I said two-ish weeks ago (last blog post) that I would begin my autoimmune protocol immediately after Christmas however this whole thing has been tougher than I thought. While I’ve been doing my very best (really I have!) to adhere to the rules & avoid all nuts/seeds, eggs, nightshades, and dairy I’ve run into a few bumps along the way. First being that the fact that over break & while my family was extremely accommodating and supportive of me trying to tackle my psoriasis my own way there were times when my dad would season our dinner with spices to be avoided such as cumin, paprika, or cayenne pepper (upon which I would simply turn my cheek & enjoy the delicious meal). And other times when my little sister would beg me to make dishes I’ve made over past breaks such as this delicious carrot souffle that requires eggs (although I was able to cut down the eggs from 3 to 1 by substituting with a gelatin & water combination, I was still afraid of taking them out completely in case it ruined the whole dish). And then times when I thought that cocoa/dark chocolate was ok and ate it until I read an article from The Paleo Mom that said she found it to be a trigger for her psoriasis, and then ate it again (and again) after I had this annoying knowledge. [That was probably the lowest moment of my entire break realizing I would have to temporarily give up dark chocolate. You can take away my nightshades, my nuts & my eggs, but then you take away my dark chocolate too, I mean come on.

Anyway, that pretty much covers it.. Oh except for that one time that I came home from New Years really really (really) hungry and, in a moment of forgetfulness, ate a handful of pistachios. Oops. AND that other time on the flight back to Denver when I discovered halfway through the bag that Steve’s paleo jerky (which I had gotten 5 packs of for Christmas) has paprika in it! Those pesky nightshades – they just sneak their way into everything!!!

Anyway, while my first go at the auto-immune protocol wasn’t completely perfect, my psoriasis is getting noticeably better & I am not going to give up until my body is psoriasis-free! Because, in the words of wise former R&B artist Aaliyah, if at first you don’t succeed, just pick yourself up and try again.

So here’s to picking myself back up & trying again. Today starts a clean slate. With only one bag of Steve’s delicious but unfortunately paprika-spiced jerky left in the cupboard for in case of emergency only, I am going to follow a strict auto-immune protocol for the remainder of January. However, I must be honest & admit that while my diet will adhere to the auto-immune protocol there is one tiiiny exception I’m going to have to make regarding alcohol, technically I shouldn’t be consuming any alcohol (cause it can contribute to a leaky gut and what not) & in an ideal situation or if I were living at home I could easily avoid it but I am a college student after all and for the sake of my social life I maaaay have a drink or two on various weekends throughout the month (of the most paleo-friendly alcoholic beverages of course, aka straight tequila, rum, or occasionally wine).

So there you have it, while the start to my auto-immune protocol may have been bumpy, I have not given up. So here’s so a fresh start on day one of my experiment. I look forward to experimenting & sharing my creativities in the kitchen minus the usual tomatoes, peppers, eggs, etc.

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