Food Prep In Action

In my last post I said that I would write a follow up post about all the simple, delicious meals I was able to make for the first half of my week thanks to all my food prepping on Sunday night. So here goes, three days of my food prep in action. (Oh & I apologize ahead of my time, my breakfasts are a little repetitive but stick with what you like, right?)


Breakfast: Kale, spinach & mixed greens sauteed in coconut oil with some ground turkey & spices (salt, nutmeg, cinnamon & clove). Topped it all off with some avocado & a few signature piles of sauerkraut. 




Lunch: Zucchini “noodles” mixed with Olive Oil, Lemon, Lime & Salt + chopped up Carrots + Kalamata Olives + Ground Turkey + Cilantro


Post-Wod: 1/3 of the large Sweet Potato + a couple tablespoons Gelatin mixed into my water

Dinner: Green Beans (pre-made) + Avocado + Tuna Fish mixed with Dijon Mustard & a salad of Mixed Greens/Spinach + Cucumber dressed with Balsamic Vinegar 



Breakfast: Kale & Broccoli sauteed in Coconut Oil + Ground Beef & a side of Sauerkraut, Olives + Cucumber


Lunch: Zucchini “noodles” with a homemade dressing made of Avocado, Dijon Mustard, Cilantro & Lemon Juice (all mixed together at the bottom of the bowl, then topped with & mixed into the zucchini) + rolls of sliced Turkey + Carrot




Dinner: Broccoli sauteed in Coconut Oil with a cut up Sweet Italian Pork Sausage & topped with Sauerkraut. 



Breakfast: Green Beans sauteed with a cut up Sweet Italian Pork Sausage (spiced up with a mixed spice seasoning – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves) + Kale sauteed in Coconut Oil & a side of Sauerkraut

[I apologize for the awkward little sausage butt in the left corner of the pile of sausage chunks. And I apologize again for bringing it to your attention if you wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise]


Lunch: Zucchini “noodles” mixed with Olive Oil + Salt + Ground Beef + Avocado & a side of Carrots, Cucumber + Snow Peas 



Dinner: Spinach/Mixed Greens Salad with a homemade Balsamic/Mustard Dressing topped with Cucumber, Kalamata Olives + Sardines in Olive Oil [Aka an AIP/Paleo-Friendly twist on the Nicoise Salad]



Sooo there you go! Proof that there’s a lot you can do with a few simply prepped veggies & meats! Just need a few staples in your cupboard/fridge such as Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Mustard, Olives, Salt/Spices, Lemon/Lime, & Avocado (or whatever your favorites may be) to transform the simple bases into a variety of delicious meals. 

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