A Little AIP Advice

It’s nearly been a whole month since I’ve been strictly following a paleo autoimmune diet in order to heal my gut & put my psoriasis in remission. Now I’d be lying to say that there aren’t certain foods I miss (there were some serious dark chocolate cravings going on last week, and the week before, aaand maybe the week before that too, maybe) BUT the progress I’ve seen is incredible & definitely worth the little extra effort it’s taken to stick with it. 

Personally, I’ve found the autoimmune protocol to be pretty easy – while at home at least, eating out is a whole different story. The only difficult part about this experiment is trying to explain to others why I’m doing it. Many people I’m surrounded with find it shocking enough that I eat paleo..

“So like, do you just, like, not eat any carbs?” 

“No I eat plenty of carbs, I just choose healthy carbs such as fruits and vegetables. I replace processed carbs just as pasta, breads, muffins, etc. with natural, nutrient-dense versions such as bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots..”

(Eyes glaze over) 

.. And then they find out that on top of not eating “carbs” I’m also not eating eggs, nightshades (“Huh, a night-what?”), nuts/seeds, & certain spices derived from spices/nightshades. Oh & that I’m doing this all voluntarily. The doctors gave me some cream and steroids for my psoriasis (for free) but I left that in Wales & decided to give up a bunch of food instead. Yea, if they didn’t think I was crazy before they do now. 

But really, what may seem restrictive and utterly impossible to the outside observer I’ve found to be quite extremely manageable. It’s really just about finding new favorites in place of the foods I can’t enjoy for the time being (tomatoes, peppers, etc.) & having fun experimenting with new flavors and ingredients that I hadn’t before. 

The best advice I can give someone who is dealing with an autoimmune issue and is contemplating trying an autoimmune protocol is to focus on what you can eat rather than what you can’t. (Trust me, others will focus on what you can’t eat plenty enough for the both of you.) You have to put a positive spin on the situation and understand that there are plenty of other delicious foods out there that you can enjoy in the time being and once you find those that suit your palate, you will start to crave them in the same way you used to crave the foods you no longer have. For example, I used to be a huuuge fan of eggs in the morning. I mean, who doesn’t love plopping a couple fried eggs on top of anything.. spinach, sausage, sweet potatoes.. you name it. A fried egg makes everything better. But since I’ve had to eliminate eggs for the time being I wake up craving ground beef. Mmmmm ground beef. Throw a little salt & cinnamon in there. Wow, that stuff is good. I also used to eat a bell pepper a day (at least) but not being able to eat them has only allowed me to rekindle the flame with good old Mr. Celery. Yes, my roommates are now convinced that I was a bunny in another life (before it was just a speculation), but I think there are definitely worse things to be in your former life. Like an earth worm. Or a chinese crested dog. Gross. 

Anyway, I was going to have this post be an update on the progress I’ve seen over the last month with my psoriasis but it kind of went in a different direction. And I liked that direction, so I continued going in it. But I do still want to give a little update on the whole psoriasis situation so I will post about that within the next few days. I’ve been using the clump of psoriasis on my right arm to track my progress. Get excited for awkward fore-arm pics.

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3 Responses to A Little AIP Advice

  1. jcrohnie715 says:

    I enjoyed reading your post! I am looking into coverting to paleo AIP myself, I just need to do more research and prepare myself. I look forward to seeing how paleo has helped your psoriasis! 🙂

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