Delicious Dinner to Cope with a Stressful Week

So this week has been a pretty stressful one. It’s nearing the end of the quarter so of course that I’ve got tests, lab reports, & all sorts of other assignments being thrown at me from all directions. And then to top it all I hurt my wrist a couple weeks ago & so in attempts to keep it from getting worse I decided to go on an innocent little run at the beginning of last week & managed to pull my groin in the process. Double whammy.

Normally when I’m feeling stressed I channel that stress into my workouts. This works wonderfully. I get a little break from my schoolwork/whatever is stressing me out, get a little endorphin rush from the workout, & am able to go about my day as a much happier & easier to be around human being. But with a hurt wrist AND pulled groin (both coincidentally on the right side..) I’ve been struggling quite a bit this week. Ok, struggling quite a lot. Thank goodness for patient, understanding roommates. And also thank goodness for delicious food. And bacon. Thanks gooooodness for bacon.

Which brings me to this post. I came home today after a long day spent at a coffee shop followed by a trip to the doctors office (thanks for the cheap wrist split, doc) & I was huuuungry. So I decided to make myself a quick delicious meal with the remaining ingredients in my fridge to end the week (& start off the weekend) on a positive note. With just a few simple ingredients – spinach, cauliflower, bacon, sausage, olive oil, & salt/spices – I was able to make a delicious, most definitely blog-worthy dinner.

Here’s what I did:

First, I put a few slices of bacon on a mini rack in the toaster oven (I’ve officially found a use for the toaster!)

Second, I started boiling some water, set up a strainer on top & chopped up (to the best of my ability – my left hand was been such a trooper lately) a head of cauliflower

Then I placed the cauliflower in the strainer, topped it with a lid & began slicing up a kale-turkey sausage into small pieces (small pieces = faster cooking time = happier me) while the cauliflower got mushy steamed

After the cauliflower was nice & soft I put it into the food processor with a little bit of chicken stock, olive oil, sage, sea salt, pepper, & lemon juice.

The turkey was all cooked through now so while the cauliflower pureed into mash I added some of the freshly produced bacon grease into a pan & used it to cook up the last of my spinach.

Aaand here’s the result:


 Yes, that is a shot glass full of sauerkraut in the upper left hand corner…

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