Dark Chocolate & Eggs

Don’t worry this isn’t a post for dark chocolate covered-eggs. While I do think the saying “dark chocolate makes everything better” has some truth to it.. covering eggs in the dark chocolate may be pushing it. Although who knows. Bacon sure has been spending a lot of time with dark chocolate lately. Maybe we should gives eggs a turn.

Or maybe we should just enjoy them both. Separately. Which is what I’ve been doing lately because as of two weeks ago I’ve officially introduced both eggs and dark chocolate back into my diet! This is a big deal for someone who formerly used to top almost every breakfast with a beautiful sunny side up fried egg & who also considers trying out different kinds of dark chocolate bars a hobby.

After 2 1/2 months of following a strict paleo autoimmune protocol I finally decided that it was time to introduce something. I contemplated what to introduce for about a week or so & then finally settled on eggs for a couple of reasons:

1. I had just purchased Liz Wolfe’s new book Eat the Yolks and very rarely do I not take the advice of my homegirl Liz.

2. I was about to go to my friend Hannah’s home in San Diego for a week and 1) I didn’t want to be the weird difficult friend who the family is years later still telling stories about because I ate nothing but ground beef for breakfast every morning and 2) Hannah owns her own chickens. Chickens produce eggs. And I reeeally didn’t want to miss out on some of those fresh straight-from-the-backyard-still-kinda-warm-because-the-chicken-was-literally-just-sitting-on-them eggs.

Soo with those two things in mind about a week before I went to San Diego with Hannah I purchased a small six pack of Organic, Cage-free, non-soy fed (you know the drill) eggs and went to town cautiously allowed them to sit in my fridge for a few days before mustering up enough courage to try a couple. I was actually scared to try them – reintroducing things is scary business and a whole lot of pressure. You have to be both very aware and accepting of what’s going on in your body after you reintroduce something. Hopefully nothing happens & everything goes along business as usual. But there is a chance that you may have a violent or embarrassing reaction to whatever you introduce & in that case you have to accept the fact that whatever you decided to introduce isn’t agreeing with your body at that point in time.

Luckily for me, I was able to successfully reintroduce eggs in perfect time for my trip to San Diego. Oh & my method for reintroducing the eggs was simple – on Monday I scrambled two eggs into a large veggie/meat stir fry. I split this in half and had half for breakfast and half for lunch that day. I then gave my body a day and a half to adjust. On Wednesday I fried an egg to have with my breakfast & had another egg either with my lunch or dinner. I gave myself another day to adjust and ate the remainder of the eggs on Friday.

I also got a little confident with this & decided to try out some dark chocolate on Saturday to celebrate both this successful reintroduction of eggs & the end of finals week. And from the dark chocolate I received nothing but happiness.

For now I am quite satisfied with my diet & don’t feel the need to test/reintroduce anything else back in right quite yet but I’m thinking next on my list will probably be some seed spices (most likely my beloved Cumin) or maybe some tomatoes (It is Spring quarter after all.. which means salsa & margaritas are emerging.. paleo-friendly of course 😉 )



Oh & here’s my first attempt at frying an egg after nearly three months off. Guess you could say I was a little rusty.

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