Why Biology?

I’m studying Biology. The majority of my classmates are studying Biology in hopes of becoming future doctors. 

“Pre-med?” is the question I am always asked when someone discovers my major.

“No, not me.”

“Why Biology then?” is the question I am asked next.

Usually I then reply with a simple “I’m just keeping my options open” or “The subject just interests me”.

One day I’m going to tell someone the truth. And what exactly is the truth?

Well, the truth is.. No, I’m not studying Biology to be a doctor. I’m studying Biology (AND Nutrition AND the Paleo Diet) so that people don’t have to go to a doctor. I’m not interested in conventional, eastern medicine. I’m interested in preventative medicine – good quality nutrition that has deep roots in our history – so that people don’t develop diseases and other modern-day health problems in the first place. So that they can live happy, healthy lives, fueled by the same real food that enabled their ancestors to live quality disease-free lives and can spend money on other things like concerts and traveling – rather than on medical bill.

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