Paleo Easter Gifts & More

I was a little disappointed in myself for not using Valentines Day as an excuse to make a bunch of chocolate-covered deliciousness this year so I decided to make up for it by making some adorable homemade Easter baskets gift bags for my roommates. I considered doing the whole basket thing & as much as I would’ve loved to have gotten them each their own basket I just simply couldn’t justify the purchase. Especially since three out of four of my roommates are Jewish.

So Friday afternoon I started brainstorming what types of goodies to make & include in the gift bags & although I wasn’t able to purchase & prepare everything I had hoped in time I’m very happy with what I was able to put together.

Here’s what I included:

  • Homemade Dark Chocolate Candiesrecipe courtesy of The Wellness Mama & heart-shape molds courtesy of Amazon (thank goodness for that Amazon Prime)
  • Homemade Mango-Coconut and Strawberry-Coconut Paleo Gummies; based of this recipe
  • Bags of Tea

I discovered these clever bad boys a tad too late, but luckily the morning of I woke up with just enough time to improvise & create some adorable little eggs out of coconut butter/coconut oil on top of the chocolate cups (made with the excess chocolate leftover from the candy-making). So each roommate (and myself) got one coconut & sea salt dark chocolate cup topped with a mini coconut butter egg.


The Dark Chocolate Candies


The Mango-Coconut (Orange) & Strawberry-Coconut (Pink) Gummies


The Gift Bags


The Dark Chocolate Cups decorated with Mini Coconut Butter Eggs + Everything together!

Now Easter would be incomplete without Brunch. Since Hannah & I went to church downtown at 10:00 am we had to turn our brunch into breakfast which was fiiine by me cause it solved the whole dilemma I run into every year of waking up early ready to eat but not wanting to eat too much because brunch is coming in a couple hours but still wanting to eat a lot because my body is used to eating a lot for breakfast. And then settling on a normal-sized breakfast – not as much as I normally would eat but juuust enough that I’m not super hungry for brunch, so then at brunch I don’t get to pig out as much as I would’ve preferred. It’s pretty much the dilemma I run into every time Brunch is on the agenda. So I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Brunch.

But Breakfast & I have a great relationship so I was very excited when my roommates agreed to wake up around 8 am & cook Easter Breakfast together (I also may or may not have typed up a menu in a Word Document titled “Easter Breakfast 2014” in cursive font..)

The menu included:

  • Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes from Diane Sanfilippo’s Practical Paleo cookbook
  • Scotch Eggs inspired by Stephanie Gaudreau from Stupid Easy Paleo
  • A simple Kale Salad with an Orange/Olive Oil Vinaigrette
  • Fruit Salad

Oh and we also included

  • My Coconut, Sea-Salt Dark Chocolate Cups decorated with Mini Coconut Butter Eggs

Because.. well, duh.


Happy Easter : )

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One Response to Paleo Easter Gifts & More

  1. stephcormier says:

    WOW – awesome job keeping Easter all paleo! I’m impressed 🙂

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