SCD Reflections – Weeks 2 & 3

So this is going to be a pretty short post. I didn’t really change much during weeks 2 & 3 of my Specific Carbohydrate Gut Healing Protocol because I already had a lot of change/activity going on & I didn’t think that messing with my diet would be a good idea.

During Week Two, I had two visitors – the first being my mother and the second being my precious little monthly gift. My mom came to Denver for a mother-daughter visit & to fly me back to Maryland for the rest of the Summer. We had a lot planned over her five day/four night visit & were constantly bouncing from one activity to the next so I thought it would be best to keep my diet consistent & stick with the meats, fats, & carrots/zucchini purees during her stay. I did however up my kombucha intake quite a bit to about a bottle a day (thanks mom!) & did make a butternut squash soup for us one night. Both of these didn’t seem to cause any problems : )  Also since my monthly gift also came for a visit during this week which contributed to its own set of GI distress/symptoms I figured I’d also let that run its path before introducing any new foods or making any other changes.

During Week Three, I had a big change at the beginning of the week in the form of me traveling/moving from Denver to Maryland. I figured it would also be a good idea to give my body a couple days to adjust to the new environment/time difference & get settled in at home before changing up anything diet wise as well. During this first week back at home I’ve noticed a general improvement in my symptoms as I’ve continued to up my fat intake each day by adding more coconut oil into my pureed carrots or zucchini as well as drizzled on top of my lean meats (such as beef patties or chicken breast). I’ve found that increasing my fat helps a lot with hunger cravings & keeps me more satiated & able to go 4-5 hours in between meals. The couple of small changes I’ve made during this week have been trying out Avocado Oil (which I added to a zucchini puree), trying out Cilantro (which I added to some shredded Chicken), and experimenting with leaving some of the zucchini peel on & not removing all of the seeds prior to pureeing. All of these changes seemed to go ok. Lastly, I got multiple blood tests/stool tests taken at the beginning of the week so get confirmation that I do not have any sort of inflammatory infections or gut parasites/viruses. The tests all came back negative except for one blood test which showed a small amount of white blood cells in my gut. My doctor spoke with the GI specialists at the office who are not concerned with these results, although they do show a certain amount of inflammation in my GI tract so I’m going to keep this in mind and will do a little bit of research on it in the upcoming week. 

Lifestyle-wise I’ve been adding more CrossFit WOD’s back in which don’t seem to be doing any damage so far! Last week I went in for a total of 3 WOD’s – two which were more intense & one that was a little less intense & more strength-based. I plan on doing this again during Week 4 but will probably add in an additional less intense/strength-based WOD along with at least two days of yoga. I’ve also been practicing free-running sleep which is pretty much just going to bed when you begin to feel tired – ideally within an hour or two of the sun setting – and waking up naturally. The first couple of days I still got sleepy around the 3-4 pm point but the past couple days have felt pretty awake/energetic throughout the day. I’m hoping to get to the point where I have steady and abundant energy during all light hours & do not have those late afternoon slump/lack of energy periods. I’m going to be home through the end of August & hope to continue sticking with this free-running sleep cycle for the majority of my remaining summer vacation so I can enter the new school year well-rested, rejuvenated, and with healthy body, mind, and gut. 

During Week Four I plan on making a few small changes:

First, I’m going to start taking a new probiotic. I had to leave the Klaire Labs probiotic I was taking back in Denver because it requires refrigeration but I had also ordered another probiotic a few weeks back, Prescript-Assist, which does not require refrigeration and has been highly recommended by health professional, Chris Kresser, among others. (I was weary of trying this probiotic out at first because it also contains pre-biotics, which I read in Digestive Health with Real Food (by Aglaee Jacob) should be avoided if you are experiencing diarrhea because it can exacerbate the symptoms and also can feed the the bad bacteria in the gut in addition to the good bacteria.)

Second, I’m going to start making tweaks to my vegetables such not peeling or de-seeding the zucchini prior to cooking/pureeing, eating both carrots and zucchini cooked but not pureed, and adding in one or two new foods – either spinach, green beans, or yellow squash. 

Week Four has got some seriously exciting stuff in the works.. ; )

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