My Plan for Getting Rid of Blastocystis Hominis Parasite

So after several weeks of research, a few nights of interrupted sleep, & a whole lot of contemplation I finally settled on a three-step approach or “plan” for getting rid of the parasite that’s been (I’m assuming) the main culprit in the GI symptoms I’d been experiencing for the past couple months. The specific parasite I’m dealing with is called Blastocystis Hominis, which you can read more about in my post, here

I have settled on a three-part master plan, which combines many different approaches – medical, natural/holistic, herbal, supplemental, and real-food/paleo-based. I believe that by attacking this parasite from so many different angles in one full swoop that I will ultimately be able to rid my body of B.hominis completely without having to revisit the little bugger in the near future. I want to make this post as clear-cut and straight-forward as possible to help those out who might be in a similar situation, so here goes, my three-part master plan is as follows:

Part One (aka: Prepping the Body for Eradication)

  • Every day for one week..
  • Took two probiotics with a large glass of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning
  • Following this, mixed 4 grams of L-Glutamine + one tablespoon Diatomaceous Earth in water & drank that
  • Took a Digestive Enzyme complex (NOW Super Enzymes) before each meal
  • Drank a cup of Bone Broth 2.0 before breakfast each morning
  • Ate a diet consisting of well-cooked, sometimes pureed, vegetables – mainly carrots, spinach, zucchini, yellow squash, boy choy, & green beans, high quality (preferably grass-fed or pasture-raised) animal protein & seafood, and a good amount of healthy fats such as animal fat, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, & avocado oil. 
  • Incorporated fermented foods into my meals such as Kombucha (usually alone or before meals), Coconut Water Kefir (mixed into a drink or a tablespoon alone), and Sauerkraut (sticking to the juice alone or small amounts of the cabbage). 

Part Two (aka Medical Eradication)*

  • Every day for one week..
  • Take Saccharomyces Boulardii (Jarrow Formulas) probiotic twice a day with a large glass of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning & before bed each night
  • Continue to mix 4 grams of L-Glutamine + one tablespoon Diatomaceous Earth in water & drink each morning
  • Continue with a Digestive Enzyme complex (NOW Super Enzymes) before each meal
  • Drink a cup of Bone Broth 2.0 before breakfast each morning
  • Same diet
  • Take the antibiotic, Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim (aka Bactrim) twice a day (~ 12 hours apart) following meals (I usually take it around 8:00 am after breakfast and again around 8:00 pm following dinner 
  • Take probiotic, Prescript-Assist, in the middle of the day (as far apart from taking the antibiotic as possible) 
  • Incorporated more fermented foods, with most every meal. I made my own fermented carrots, and have been eating the carrots or sauerkraut along with meals. Have continued drinking coconut water kefir & Kombucha, along with Raw fruit Kvass (a probiotic cultured fruit & veggie drink), throughout the day. 
  • Drink Milk Thistle tea to help protect my liver from becoming damaged as it breaks down the antibiotic medication

*This is the part that I’m currently in the midst of (Day 3, baby!)

Part Three (aka The Herbal Eradication, my Insurance Policy)

  • First, I am going to end my antibiotic course my preforming an at home coffee enema procedure, ordered from
  • Then I will begin the herbal parasite cleanse, Paragone. This cleanse consists of a variety of herbs, such as the potent parasite-killing herbs, black walnut hull, clove, & wormwood, and lasts 15 days.
  • I will also preform two more at home coffee enemas during this part of the plan – once about mid-way through the 15 days, and one at the end of the 15 days.
  • I will continue to take two probiotics on an empty stomach with water each morning (and probably again before bed each night)
    • The first will be a full-spectrum probiotic – either the Prescript-Assist probiotic I’ve been taking, or Dr. Ron’s Friendly Formula, a probiotic blend of beneficial microorganisms which I just ordered online
    • The second will still be the yeast, Saccharomyces Boulardii (Jarrow Formulas)
  • I will also continue with to mix 4 grams of L-Glutamine + one tablespoon Diatomaceous Earth in water & drink each morning, continue drinking my mug of Bone Broth 2.0 each morning (because I looooove it), and continue to take a digestive enzyme before each meal
  • I will keep my diet the same but may start experimenting with adding a larger variety of vegetables as I see fit (depending on digestive symptoms, how I’m feeling, etc.)
  • And of course, I will continue to consume probiotic-rich foods on a daily basis. I currently have two batches of sauerkraut in the works!
  • I have also ordered a supplement to aid in healing my gut further, called Smooth Operator. This supplement contains a blend of nutrients which promote the healing of the gut cells & restore the lining of the gut, or intestinal permeability. The “leakiness” of my gut has drastically improved since I first started my gut-healing protocol, but B. hominis can do a lot of damage & I want to ensure that my gut is given the proper nutrients to come back strong after this whirlwind. 
  • Lastly, I ordered a Milk Thistle supplement to begin taking daily (since my tea stash is rapidly depleting) to continue to help my Liver detox from the potential damage caused by the antibiotic

Reasoning behind some of my choices/ Resources I’ve found helpful:

  • Saccharomyces Boulardii – I began taking this probiotic a week prior to starting the antibiotic (and during/after the duration of the antibiotic) to 1. To ensure that my body had a supply of beneficial gut flora during my antibiotic course (S. Bouldardii is a non-pathogenic beneficial yeast & is therefore not killed off by antibiotics, unlike other healthy gut flora) & to prevent against antibiotic-associated diarrhea and 2. To compete with the B.hominis for colonization of the GI tract. S. Bouldardii has been used & successful in studies as a more natural method to eradicating B. hominis due to its ability to interfere with the ability of pathogens to colonize and infect the gut mucosa 
  • L-Glutamine – I began taking this weeks ago as part of my gut-healing protocol. L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the lining of the gut & aids in repairing the gut lining & supporting the body’s metabolic processes in fighting off infection – very important both when trying to heal your gut & when taking an antibiotic that can easily kill off your beneficial gut flora (your body’s normal defense system) 
  • Diatomaceous Earth – the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton which is a natural pest/bug killer that can be used in the garden but can also be taken orally to rid your body of any bad bugs. DE is a completely natural & nontoxic substance that aids in internal parasite removal by physically destroying and scraping away at parasites or toxins clinging to the lining of the GI tract. DE passes easily through the digestive system & is expelled through the bowel carrying any bad bacteria, pathogens, etc. with it. 
    • There are also a multitude of other benefits of taking DE dissolved in water (which has a subtle chalky/earthy flavor but isn’t hard to drink down) & you can read more about them here: “Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth”
  • Coffee Enemas – I’ve chosen to preform coffee enemas after the antibiotic course, and herbal cleanse to ensure complete eradication of B.hominis because 1. B.hominis has the ability to move down to the lower GI tract (anus, etc) when it feels as though it’s “under attack” & hide out there & recolonize following treatment and 2. The eggs of B.hominis can cling to the intestinal membranes, anal walls, etc. & can also allow for recolonization following treatment AND to help with the symptoms of die-off, potential toxin build up, or other detoxing effects of the antibiotic and herbal cleanse.
  • Laaaastly, some other resources that have been especially helpful to me in formulating this three-part plan are:


If you have any further questions regarding my plan/approach please comment below or message me privately! I’ve posted this as an example to others out there who may be dealing with parasites, gut bacteria imbalances, or any other similar GI problems. I know first-hand how frustrating this stuff can be & want to help in any way possible. 

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30 Responses to My Plan for Getting Rid of Blastocystis Hominis Parasite

  1. Good luck! Sending you all the ‘get thee gone, Blasto’ parasites’ vibes I can!

    • skeating93 says:

      Thank you so much! Love that. Those vibes are very much appreciated 🙂

      • Greetings! Did this protocol work for you? Hope you are healthy and happy.

        Love and light!

      • skeating93 says:

        Hi! Yes it did! I was feeling better within 3 weeks of starting the protocol.

        I am now experiencing some other gut issues though, so I’m starting to think that my gut dysbiosis was never fully settled, so I’m in the process of fixing that right now. I will have future blog posts detailing that so please keep reading!

      • Angelo says:

        Hello! Did you take these two in the same setting in the morning? that’s a bit much if it is. L-Glutamine + one tablespoon Diatomaceous Earth in water & drink each morning and bone broth?

      • skeating93 says:

        Hi Angelo –

        Yes that’s what I did. If you have any more questions please head over to my website and ask via the contact forum (I no longer use life of a paleo college student)

        All the best,

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  4. Lara marley says:

    Thats a pretty comprehensive plan. How did it go? Have you tested B Hominous free?

    • skeating93 says:

      Yes, it sure was. But it was a success! I haven’t confirmed that I’m free of the parasite with a test yet but all of my symptoms have gone away & I’m feeling really good so that’s a good enough confirmation for me right now 🙂

  5. Dea says:

    Hey thanks hugely! I had just started trawling the net having received a diagnosis that I was providing safe harbour for this bug – and was groaning at all the research I was going to have to do – and I stumbled across your blog! Very very helpful! Thank you

  6. Ina Mlls says:

    Hi, my young son has he same with candida. We gave him kombucha which caused a high fever. After some research I discovered that kombucha contains bakers yeast which feeds Blastocystist, did you experience any of this?

    • skeating93 says:

      Hi Ina –
      I’ve never experienced that before BUT one of my good friends has had a pretty rough time with candida and I know that kombucha is to be avoided if dealing with candida overgrowth because the sugar feeds the candida and makes it harder to get rid of. I suggest getting your son on a very low sugar diet to try and starve out the candida and help rebalance his gut flora. A good website to look at for help would be

  7. chris says:

    Hello, I was wondering how things have been for ya? I also have a confirmed BH bugger in my guts, and I think its been there for 10 years or so.. I’m finally doing something about it.. Your program seems pretty complete, and I will be doing something very similar, except for the antibiotics.. Any update on testing, or how you are feeling? Thanks for the info…C

    • skeating93 says:

      Hi Chris –
      Wow 10 years, that’s crazy! I’m glad you’re deciding to take action. You are going to feel so much better once you get rid of your B.hominis, get your gut microbiome back in proper balance & get your digestive function back to where it should be!
      I never got another stool test after my plan (mostly because of the hassle of it) but just went with how I was feeling and my symptoms and I can say with confidence that my plan worked very well. I began feeling a lot better about two weeks into my plan and 1-2 months afterwards began feeling as though my digestion was back on track. I still take some of the supplements & eat most of the foods mentioned in my post regularly (such as collagen, l-glutamine, probiotics, coconut oil, bone broth, ginger, garlic, etc.) simply because it makes me feel good & keeps my gut happy. Please let me know if you have any further questions & best of luck treating your B.hominis! Just stay positive, be confident with the direction/method you take & that will bring you success.

  8. Joel says:

    Hey there, very impressed about the research that went into this. May I ask what types of symptoms you were experiencing? Do you plan on taking a stool test to see if you’ve successfully eradicated the parasite? The most visual symptom I’m suffering from in acne – it’s really taking a toll on my energy and morale. My sister has the exact same parasite and symptoms – we’ve done the genova stool test to prove it. I’ve tried the boulardii, the paragone cleanse, prebiotics, probiotics, etc. … now trying a systemic enzyme mix called wobenzym. I think I was on the right track, but your master plan seems to cover everything all at once. Love it. Will try it and let you know. Are you still using this site or switched to your new blog? Cheers, Joel

    • skeating93 says:

      Hi Joel! All my symptoms were digestive-related – uncontrollable diarrhea first thing in the morning and sometimes throughout the day, and then general gas/bloating during the end of the day. I was also very down in the dumps many days which could have been caused by the bug. I also know that it effects everyone differently! I took four stool tests to see if I successfully eradicated the parasite and all of them came back negative, sooo I’d say I was able to get rid of it 😉 Please do try out my plan because I do believe you need a very comprehensive approach if you want to get rid of b.hominis. Also please watch this video for further insight on how to eradicate parasites naturally, I recently discovered it and found it to be very helpful: and check out Justin Marchegiani’s website and this article/ video for even more information:

      And YES I switched to my new blog, so please contact me there if you want to talk more! Best of luck, sending healing vibes you & your sister’s way!

  9. Akira says:

    Hi! I just wanna say I’m really glad I came across your blog, its so nice to read such comprehensive and thorough info on all this. I also recently found out I have B.hominis after dealing with months of intestinal pain / gastritis. Once I switched over to a paleo based diet, I’ve felt a lot better, yet still feeling some discomfort in my gut. Im thinking of following a similar plan to yours but was wondering why you decided to take two probiotic supplements for the first week. I know ones a broad spectrum probiotic and the other is a beneficial yeast (not totally sure what the diff is) but it seems like you’d already get a good amount of benefits from taking one supplement plus all the fermented foods.

    Thanks for all the info!!

    • skeating93 says:

      Hi Akira!

      I’m glad you did too, thanks for the compliment 🙂

      And thanks for the question – I basically took the two types of probiotics because of just what you said. One probiotic contained only beneficial bacteria whereas the other contained beneficial yeast. The two have similar but also very different roles in the body. The probiotic bacteria will hopefully colonize and rebalance the GI tract with beneficial types of bacteria whereas the yeast will fight off any bad bacteria remaining in the GI tract.

      All probiotics and probiotic-containing foods contain a variety of different probiotics – you want lots of different types in your body so it’s good to switch up the probiotic you use, the probiotic foods you eat, and also do a combination of taking a probiotic and eating probiotic-rich foods so that you are bringing a wide spectrum of the good guys into your body 🙂

      Let me know if you have further questions – you can find me at now!

      All the best,

  10. THANK YOU. I have BH. Also suspecting I have leaky gut but I don’t really feel any GI effects. I do have high c reactive protein but don’t really notice much except for a tiny bit of osteoarthritis in my fingers. But those boogers gotta go! Will do your protocol. Will also add some deglyccerized licorice (spelling?) and some aloe for the gut healing/leaky gut stuff. THANK YOU!!!!! I think the responsible thing to do is to do the stool analysis again to let us all know if those bugs are gone.

    • skeating93 says:

      Hi MaryKay! You are very welcome, I’m glad you found my post helpful!!! I have taken four stool tests since this protocol and they all came back negative for BH 🙂

  11. Oops. I want to be notified of added emails.

  12. Marie says:

    Hi, glad you got rid of the buggers. Question – Was there a reason you used the particular antibiotic instead of Flagyl?

  13. jason says:

    Hi, i can,t rid myself of blasto. Are you negative results from mcs or the more sensitive dna trace test ?Anyway I,m sure you would now if you were still afflicted. I have recently started with D.Earth a tablespoon am and pm for a 9days now cut back to a teaspoon. I feel awful joint pain, headaches extreme malaise, muscle spasm abdominal cramps.Is this detox illness ? I also take 3gms L glutamine. I am considering SB but I am concerned the D.E. is non discriminatory and it may be wasted at this point ? I have used flagyll + albendazole SB, Glutamine, albendazole +golden seal, with the usual herbal anti parasite suspects, SB,L- Glut.
    Thanks for the informative blog.

    • skeating93 says:

      Hi Jason –

      My negative results are from standard stool tests – three separate tests in a row all came back negative.

      The joint pain/headaches/spasms/cramps could be detox symptoms. You are going to want to definitely do something to support your liver during this process – the parasite along with all the drugs (medical and herbal) have to be processed by your liver and it will need some help keeping up with all of it. I’d suggest working with a naturopath or functional medicine doctor to get you on some proper supplementation including something for liver detox pathway support.

      SB is great to use in conjunction with other herbs to weaken blastocystis.

      Best of luck,

    • Fadi says:

      Jason. I have BH- with joint pains. I have also taken Flagyl and albendazole. Flagyl useless. Albendazole caused Joint pains subsided 70%, but Headaches started after I took albendazole.
      Spasms are due to leaky gut. the parasite makes you go magnesium deficient. Dunno how to solve headache yet, but to get rid of spasms, take a magnesium supplement. It completely fixed my spasms issues.

  14. Mary Kay says:

    Thanks, just one more question! Were any one of those four tests that you’ve taken recently from Genova? The reason I ask is because I had a test through my regular doctor’s office lab – LabCorp that said I did not have BH any more. I didn’t quite believe it so did the Genova stool test again and they said that I DID still have it. Point is, I believe Genova’s to probably be more sensitive. Thanks again!

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